National French Toast Day is November 28

Did you know, that there such a thing as National French Toast Day?


Lightly dipped in an egg mixture or eggs only; French Toast, brings up memories of cozy family mornings and lovely brunches. Annually, on November 28, Americans all over the country celebrate National French Toast Day.
Families cook and whip up their personal favorites or enjoy it when their Brunch chefs prepare french toast for their waiting palettes. I can smell it from this picture and the words I am writing. Eggs and milk whisked and thick slices of bread dipped ever so lightly in the mixture. Once the bread has been covered in the egg mixture, it is then fried until it has a light golden texture. You can also add other yummy additions to the mixture to sweeten the deal a little. Sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, OH MY!
Top off the yummy goodness with apples, syrup, powdered sugar, peanut butter and any fresh fruit for toppings.
And last, but not least, a Dollop will do ya good... WHIPPED CREAM!



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